Project Management software provides organisations, small and large with a solution for planning and running multiple projects. Accurately and profitably, that brings real value to an organisation.

It brings a real solution for organisations to manage teams, timescales and resources for a positive outcome.

Project management software has changed the way we manage projects. From the beginning of using 3 tools: a pencil, a piece of paper and a methodology. 

It evolved into using multiple platforms for key functions that could deliver a project more efficiently. 

Now it enables projects to be managed on a single platform. Because it is tailored designed for set industries. Becoming one of the most powerful tools to increase project success.

Why use Project Management Software?

Project Management software can offer organisations many benefits to deliver a project efficiently and within the set time frame. Here are some essential project management functions that will increase project success.

Project Planning

People who have worked on projects will know how much time goes to waste when managing a project. Project Management software allows experts to build a solid foundation. Therefore providing the tools for scope, milestones, deliverables and job roles within the project. Creating a project plan promptly.

Project Tracking

Having a resource that provides an effective insight into the project progress. Being able to understand how the team is delivering on their tasks. Project tracking is a great resource, helping the team to collaborate, keeping communication on track and providing insight for project delays or issues.


Being able to comment and send messages is key in project management software. Being able to group communication within the set project to understand any changes, delays or problems that may happen. This can allow teams to quickly adapt, manage and resolve any problems while keeping a record of any events.

A study done by PMI found that 56% of failed projects, poor communication was a contributing factor.

Simple file access and sharing

Safely being able to access files and documents for a project is essential. While there are shared drives and spaces online for storage. Therefore project management software with cloud-based storage keeps the right files and documents linked with the project. Enabling the team access, without having to search and use other tools to locate them.

As a result, allowing the team to see the right documents for the project. Easily identify any amended documents and be able to deliver on the project.

Remote working

Modern projects are not always fixed in a single set location. Because modern teams can be scattered anywhere, from different cities and countries. Therefore this can open up opportunities for collaboration. However, can also be harder to manage a project overall. Using a project management tool designed for remote working reduces the problems of not working face to face. Tracking the progress of the team, and using the integrated features to communicate and monitor the teams progress to delivery.

Easy to use

Simple to use project management software allows the team to quickly adapt to the software. Therefore reducing training and mistakes that complicated software might bring. However, it does not have to limit the features within the software. But instead using a mixture of helpful tips and a smooth interface to be able to understand and support your project.

Specialist software

Finding the right project management can be tricky. With different software out there for different industries.  So how do you pick the right one?

While there are project management tools that are made for any project. As a result, these require the team to adapt to what the software can do based on their needs. Therefore needing additional software to support your team to deliver on a project.

Using specialist software for your industry means that the software was designed around your teams and projects needs. Therefore incorporating every feature your team would need to deliver on a project. Reducing the need for additional software and resulting in managing your project in a single place.

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