Recently, we conducted some research to get a feel for the best way to continue developing our product but also because we were just really interested in the Insight Workflow in general. I’ve been involved in Insight in one way or another for 15 years, moulding data and providing insight training, and so I don’t think I’d have survived that long if I didn’t have a certain level of passion for the best methods for building data science teams, and maintain satisfied ‘customers’.

Our research covered several subjects around the way that Insight is requested, managed and delivered (click on the find out more button for a free copy). But I just wanted to highlight, a consistent snippet of Insight that kept arising, firstly;

It appears that creators and consumers generally agree (with some exceptions) on what matters when producing Insight, however, It seems that consumers think their organisations need to improve the most in these same areas, whereas Creators seem to believe these are the areas which need the least.

Take keeping updated during the process as an example. Creators identified that communication is critical for delivering quality Insight (3rd of 10 most important factors) however, they say it is as an area that requires the least amount of improvement (9th of 10). However, Consumers said that being kept up to date on the process was their top concern (1st of 9 most important factors), but they identified it as the area which also needed the most improvement (1st of 9).

Imagine that, data teams knowing communication is essential, thinking it requires the least amount of focus for improvement. Yet their consumers believe the opposite and can be disappointed with the service they are receiving. How ironic, a miscommunication about the importance of communication!

In my view, making sure Insight Creators and Consumers are on the same page is vital for successful analytics projects. I’ve given an example here of how we need to be sure that both Creators and Consumers care about and are worried about the same things. Still, the same is likely valid during the nitty-gritty of Insight creation like Requirements Gathering, during agile development or when presenting/making recommendations.

We asked similar structured questions on the importance of ‘ease of requesting Insight’, ‘Requirements Gathering’ and ‘Post Delivery Follow-up’. We discovered many exciting Insights and thoughts that Leaders should be considering, but that’s for another day.