If you’re looking for data analysis courses online, we’ve got you covered!

The demand for skilled data professionals continues to be on the rise through 2021. Various businesses have already capitalised on the vast increase in data and big data technologies. Anyone looking for a well-compensated career in a cutting-edge field will be pining for a data scientist position. 

But here’s the question: where can you learn data? Not all of us have the time and ability to attend data courses in person. Relocating near a college campus or vocational school may be impossible, especially if you are not financially stable or have a family to look after. Thankfully, there are plenty of great online platforms with data analysis courses so you can start working on your skills today!

In this article, we cover four fantastic platforms for learning data online.


DataCamp is one of our favourite online platforms offering data analysis courses.  They teach every data skill you need, from non-coding essentials to data science and machine learning. DataCamp has a hands-on learning experience that follows four basic steps:

  • Assessment

The first step at DataCamp is to take a free assessment to learn your current level of data skills. There are various assessments you can take, including:

  • Understanding and Interpreting Data
  • Statistics Fundamentals with Python
  • Data Analysis in SQL
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals in Python
  • Importing and Cleaning Data with Python
  • Python Programming
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • R Programming
  • Data Manipulation with R
  • Data Manipulation with Python

The individual assessments do not take forever, so do not be afraid that you will have to set aside a few hours just to take a couple of them.

  • Learning

The next step is the actual learning. You will complete interactive courses that combine video instructions and hands-on exercises. As you complete the courses, you can test your skills and track your progress using the assessments from the previous step.

The courses will take much longer than the assessments, with the estimated time ranging from two hours to six.

  • Practice

The third step aligns with the second step. It can be challenging to set aside hours to dive into an entire course every day. If you do not have the time to take data analysis courses every single day, do not worry. You can keep your skills sharp by taking on daily challenges.

The cool thing about daily challenges is that you can complete them on the go using the DataCamp mobile app.

  • Application

Now that you have completed some data courses and daily challenges, it is time to apply your skills to real-world problems. There are currently 79 projects you can solve in a risk-free environment.

 While the assessments are free to take, the data courses are not. The standard subscription is (e)22.18/month.


The second platform we’ll take a look at is Codecademy. They offer hands-on, interactive learning that you can take at your own pace. The data courses are designed for all levels, so do not worry if you are new to the field!

Similarly to DataCamp, Codecademy is free to start. The first step you will take is a short quiz to get some course recommendations and personal career advice. You do not need any data skills to take the quiz either. It is more like a personality questionnaire.

There are tons of courses to take with Codecademy. Introductory courses are free, but anything beyond that requires a premium subscription. Billed annually, Codecademy Pro costs (e)212, although eligible college students can save 35%.


Dataquest is here to help you master the foundations of data science through high-quality content that guarantees to get you job-ready in less than a year. The platform works by dividing learning material into “paths.” Each path is designed to prepare you for a specific career or help you develop a specific skill in data science.

The paths are broken down into sections that are broken down even further into separate courses. The courses include several lessons. Each lesson is a group of individual screens.

While this seems like a lot to take on, Dataquest lets you work at your own pace. That means you can choose to start an entire path or just a single course.

With Dataquest, you can figure out the right pace yourself. It does not matter if you want to spend three hours a week or three hours a day studying – it is all up to you. Dataquest also offers practice problems and guided projects to help you retain and refine what you learn.

There are plenty of free, valuable resources to help you advance your career in data science. However, there is also a premium subscription service that offers unlimited access to everything Dataquest has to offer.

The monthly premium plan is (e) 43.59.

Data Science Dojo

The final platform we’ll look at is Data Science Dojo.

Data Science Dojo offers instructor-led training in highly interactive environments, hands-on experience to test your knowledge on real-world problems, and excellent support staff. The instructors are experts in data science.

At Data Science Dojo, courses are called “trainings.” There are four trainings available:

  • Data Science Bootcamp

Data Science Bootcamp is the most popular training. It includes a diverse set of exercises for all industries and a competition to keep motivation high.

  • Practicum

Practicum combines learning and experience to help you get ready for a career in data science.

  • Introduction to Python for Data Science

This is a week-long training program to get students started in Python.

  • Data Science for Business Leaders

Unlike the other trainings, this one focuses on a business-first approach.

 Unlike the other platforms on this list, Data Science Dojo does not offer a “learn at your own pace” course. Instead, you must be ready to take the course on a set date. For example, the upcoming Python for Data Science training begins on 6 December 2021. In the end, you will receive a verified certificate in data science.

Bottom Line

These are just four of the best places to learn data online. Each platform offers unique learning paths and courses. They are free to start, so do not be afraid to register an account and begin learning!