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Brijj’s request forms

Brijj’s forms are a simple way for your stakeholders to ask questions of your data teams. They ensure you’re given the right amount of context up front. They make sure that all requests and questions are collected, so none fall through the cracks.


Brijj’s Stakeholder Kanban

In Brijj, stakeholders can easily see the status of the work they’ve requested along with a view of what other insight work is going on in the organisation.

Brijj’s Request Submission Portal

In Brijj, stakeholders can easily make requests to their data and insight teams, reducing the locations that your stakeholders need to visit to collaborate with your teams.

The easiest way to increase data and insight project success

What’s the most important part of a successful data and insight project and who is the most important member of the team?

It’s the question asked, and the person asking it.

How you can use Brijj to generate extra value from your data team

I am very pleased to announce that we will be kicking off the New Year by launching Brijj. For those unaware, Brijj is our Cloud-based SaaS workflow management platform designed for data, analytics and insight teams.

The Honest Power BI Review

I’ve used a lot of tools in the 15+ years I’ve been in data. My favourite, by a mile, is still “old faithful” (Excel) and I wont apologise for it. But I’ve dipped my toe into other “data lakes” (get it?!) with Tableau and QlikView being some of personal favourites.

The basic skills any beginner data analyst must know

You’re going to learn an awful lot in your career. Indeed, you cant afford to stop learning new technologies & techniques. But there are some fundamentals, some basics you need to know no matter who you are. So below are the essential skills any aspiring Data professional must know.


Remember who and what Insight is for

Throughout my career as a BI, Analytics, Research and Insight professional, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. Those of us who are involved in creating Insight sometimes forget who and what it’s for: Its for other people to make a decision or take action. Period.


Make sure your Insight Creators & Consumers are on the same page

Recently, we conducted some research to get a feel for the best way to continue developing our product but also because we were just really interested in the Insight Workflow in general.


Data is at the heart of every business decision – but are you making the most of it?

The role of data within business has never been more important, giving management the insights required to make important decisions based on facts, trends and statistics.

The trouble is there’s just so much of it out there, and new technology is generating ever more sets of data that it can be confusing to sift through the noise and pick out the information you need to make those crucial decisions.


Your business intelligence tools are useless without team collaboration and integration

I’m going to start this by making a bold statement: Business intelligence tools within the workplace are next to useless if your corporate culture and team integration is lacking.


Do your Insight Consumers want the ‘truth’ or a 'proof'?

“That number doesn’t look right.”
“I think we need to reframe the question.”
“That’s a disappointing result.”

In your analytics and Insight career, have you ever heard statements like this?


How to turn data research into actionable business decisions

Data is integral to every department in a business, from Operations to Human Resources. However, as our recent research has revealed, many stakeholders find data challenging to interpret and, as a result, they struggle to produce actionable insights that can inform business decisions. Does this sound familiar?

Ready to find a better way?