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Brijj Project Manager

Brijj project management is the only platform designed for connecting data teams and their customers.

Easier than JIRA & more capable than Trello.

Brijj is the one tool you need to manage data projects.

See why data teams choose Brijj

See Why Data Teams Use Brijj
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Efficient requirement gathering & validation

Gather, track, record & manage the gathering of insight requirements. Validate and monitor requirement change & creep.

Automated Communication

Simple automated communication

Brijj manages and automates communication. Keeping data teams and stakeholders informed and the insight generation process moving forward.

Powerful work distribution & management

Brijj knows the right skill for the right work, allowing insight leaders to build and manage highly effective teams.

Work Distribution & Management
Automatic Follow-up

Comprehensive post project follow-up

Brijj proves the value and outcome of your insight by automating, recording and managing the post project feedback process.

Brijj eliminates the causes of project failure

Tick The right questions with context.

Tick Requirements fully managed.

Tick Collaboration is comprehensive.

Tick Outputs matched against outcomes.

Tick Follow-up is simple and faster.

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